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★★★★★ "An awesome instructor, honest, sincere and down to earth. The material is invaluable in my view. Good’n ya mate!" -Osama J.

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Business Analysis Fundamentals
Lay a great foundation. Learn the core business analysis knowledge you can build upon and start your Business Analyst career right away. From methodologies to stakeholders to requirements to elicitation techniques and beyond. This course is your one-stop-shop to learn the critical components of business analysis.

Agile Fundamentals: Including Scrum, Kanban, and Scrumban
Expand your knowledge to include the Agile mindset. Join us as we pull the curtain back on Agile and demystify the terminology, processes, and most popular frameworks. Since over 70% of organizations are now using components of Agile, with more joining the bandwagon each day, this learning is critical for all Business Analysts who want to stay relevant in the market.

Identify & Define the Problem -Course #1: Business Analysis Process Series
Come learn the techniques and best practices to save your organization’s money by identifying their pain point, digging into the root cause, and defining the value solving the problem will provide… making you the hero in their time of need.

Conduct a Strategy Analysis -Course #2: Business Analysis Process Series
Become the Business Analyst who can take an amazing idea from grand vision to reality by understanding the current state of an organization, what their future state could look like, and how to help them bridge that gap.

Plan the Project -Course #3: Business Analysis Process Series
Over 40% of projects fail because of a lack of planning. Become one of the few Business Analysts who know how to use Project Management techniques to put together a robust project plan that’ll not only help ensure a project’s success but also save your organization time and money. Don’t be intimidated, we break it all down for you in our step-by-step process.

Understand and Elicit Requirements -Course #4: Business Analysis Process Series

Requirements are at the core of every change, every project. They explain exactly what needs to be created, updated, and accounted for in the solution. Achieving the requirements is ultimately what brings value to the stakeholders and the organization. Come learn what requirements are all about and how you can effectively extract them from your stakeholders using various techniques and best practices.

User Story Masterclass
Enhance your productivity and project success by putting your customer's needs front and center with powerful Agile User Stories. This course is designed to take you from novice to User Story expert. We'll break down all of the best practices including User Story format, writing Acceptance Criteria, handling common challenges, splitting User Stories, User Story Mapping, and much more.

Essential Modeling Skills & Techniques
Learn the most in-demand modeling techniques. By the end of this course, you’ll have a concrete understanding of the fundamentals of the eight most popular modeling techniques, allowing you to easily explain complex concepts in a clear and understandable way to anyone, regardless of their role or lack of knowledge on the subject.

Process Flowcharts and Process Mapping - The Beginner's Guide
Bring business processes to life with process flowcharts. Learn how to create flowcharts to not only document the processes but to also identify problem areas and solve them. By the end of this course, you’ll have a great base understanding, as well as hands-on experience, in creating process flowcharts using intuitive symbols and best practices.

Process Flowcharts and Process Mapping - The Advanced Guide
Take your flowchart skills to the next level. Learn advanced symbols, techniques, and best practices to build upon the basics you’ve already learned and understand how to diagram even the most complex business processes with intuitive process flowcharts.

Land Your First Business Analyst Position
Landing your first BA position doesn't have to be far off... Use my simple 5 step system to learn how to utilize the skills you already have to craft the perfect Business Analyst resume, find the job you really want, impress your interviewers, and negotiate the salary you deserve.

Software Testing Processes & Techniques
No longer just for the Quality Assurance Analysts. An increasing amount of organizations are expecting more from their Business Analysts, including to assist with testing. Bolster your resume and increase your chances of success by learning how to create test cases, track defects, reduce bugs, and fill your software testing knowledge gaps.

Project Management for the Business Analyst
The fact is, not every project can have a dedicated Project Manager. Sometimes the project is simply too small, or doesn't provide enough value to warrant the overhead costs of another dedicated team member. Learn to use the Project Management Institute's (PMI) project management methodology to increase your project success rate.

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Recommended Course Order:

  1. Business Analysis Fundamentals
  2. Agile Fundamentals: Including Scrum, Kanban, and Scrumban
  3. Identify & Define the Problem -Course #1: Business Analysis Process Series
  4. Conduct a Strategy Analysis -Course #2: Business Analysis Process Series
  5. Plan the Project -Course #3: Business Analysis Process Series
  6. User Story Masterclass
  7. Essential Modeling Skills & Techniques
  8. Practical Guide to Process Flowcharts
  9. Advanced Process Flowcharts
  10. Land Your First Business Analyst Position
  11. Software Testing Processes & Techniques
  12. Project Management for the Business Analyst

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The BA Guide | Jeremy Aschenbrenner
The BA Guide | Jeremy Aschenbrenner

Hi there! My name is Jeremy Aschenbrenner and I am so glad you have found me!

I am a veteran Business Analyst with more than 1000 completed projects. I've done business analysis work for companies in many industries including health care, telecommunications, automotive, agriculture, consumer goods, financial services, food and beverage, and more.

I created The BA Guide to break down the barriers to becoming a Business Analyst. Throughout our various courses I teach you what you need to know in order to start your Business Analyst career.

But I don't just stop there. Once you have successfully started your Business Analyst career, I ensure you are successful by providing training on techniques, tools, and best practices.

When I am not behind a computer I love to spend time with family and friends, enjoying some warm weather, and if I'm lucky, with a cold drink in my hand and sand between my toes.

I am here to serve you so please don't hesitate to email me ([email protected]) or contact me on social media. I look forward to helping you reach your goals!

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